Tampa in Florida has one of the most active job markets in the US

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The report published this week by the internationally renowned newspaper, Wall Street Journal, the city of Tampa, Florida is the hottest in the United States. To determine this rating, the newspaper evaluated several factors, including the size of the workforce, salary growth, participation and the employment rate, which stood at 3% in that location according to federal data.

The executive director of the non-profit organization Workforce Development Partners, Yvonne Fry, said that the city has many job offers. “We’ve had a great favorable economy here in many different ways and everyone wants to be here. And we have a lot of new ideas going. “We have a lot of new opportunities,” Fry said at an event at the Tampa Convention Center on Tuesday.

She also added at the Future Career Academy hiring event that both trades and specialties are very abundant in the Tampa job market. “We have healthcare [companies], which is probably at the top of the list. We have a lot under construction. “We have a lot in financial services,” explains the director.

Along with Tampa, the newspaper ranked other cities in the Sunshine State among the top six in the nation with the most popular markets, such as Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville. In the opinion of employers, the driving force behind the increase in workers in the different industries in the area is due to demographic increase. Tito Feliciano of B&I Contractors explained that the other items that affect the local economy must be equal to the number of people who reside in the city. «With that population explosion, everything else has to follow, from schools to hospitals, supermarkets and roads. So it’s a big snowball effect,” says the contractor.

He also states that in Tampa there is not enough labor for the demand for work that exists. «There is a lack of labor for the amount of work that is here in Tampa Bay. “You can’t drive more than a mile without seeing a tow truck,” he argued.According to the Journal report, Tampa added about 12,000 new jobs according to federal data last year. It also stands out that Miami ranked second after Tampa with respect to salary growth, which shows that workers can feel motivated by what they do.